Baidu index: a deeper understanding of the customer demand

Baidu index: a deeper understanding of the customer demand

Being able to analyse our data is one of the basic skills that we need in order to conduct our Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on Baidu. Do you there is a tool  that we could use to help us figure out what keywords are on the trend, the public opinion associated them and the current market demand? We are here to introduce Baidu index,an excellent tool to help you analyze the effectiveness of your keywords to make your life much easier.


Trend Research

We can conduct an analysis on the market trend to monitor the consumer demand as well as our overall competitiveness.

When we want to know what keywords are on the trend, Apart from simply comparing a keyword to another keyword, we can also make geographical comparisons as well as choosing a specific time-frame to see the trend of a particular keyword in a certain time period.We can also limit our comparison to mobile or desktop searches. For instance, it is highlighted by the figure that people’s searches on bike sharing started to increase in October, 2016 and reached its boom around February 2017, but began to decline gradually from July, 2017. This trend would help us to get a better understanding of the industry and its prospect.

Competitor analysis

By looking at this trend we can easily compare and analyze the popularity of our keywords at a macro level to get a deeper understanding of the current market demand and market competition. For instance, Hellobike and Mobike are two bike sharing companies in China.

We can tell that people have searched for Mobike  more times when compared to Hellobike in three months and that they were heading toward the same direction with a similar trending except from the fluctuation on the 20th of December,2018 and the 30th of December, 2018. There should be a positive correlation between the popularity of our keywords and market share.  Therefore, we could conclude that Mobike is more likely to have a larger market share in this period. We could also extract information that is specific to a province by limiting our result to a particular geographical location.


Demand distribution Figure

 We would be able to gain a deeper understanding of the market by looking at the demand distribution figure, as it not only shows us how the consumer demand on a particular good or service is distributed, but it also shows us the top 10 keywords our customers have searched before and after searching a particular keyword, which is going to be particularly useful in PPC  auctions.


The attention our keyword receives

This figure shows us how often something relevant to the keyword is reported on the news and the level of attention it gets on the internet. We can observe this trend to gain more information on the industry prospective as well as people’s opinion on a topic.



By looking at the demographics of people who have searched for a particular keyword we would be able to know our users’ age, gender and geographical locations. For example,  although everything else is similar for Mobike and Hellobike , the biggest difference actually lies in their geographical distribution. While Mobike tends to have a stronger presence in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, Hellobike tends to have a stronger brand awareness in Beijing, Guangdong, Hangzhou and Zhengzhou. We could then use this figure to evaluate our market input and adjust our plan accordingly.

     Baidu Index is highly versatile.You should know how it can help us to get a comprehensive understanding of the market by now.


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