Baidu Advertising: How to Avoid 4 Misconceptions!

Baidu Advertising: How to Avoid 4 Misconceptions!

Most people have little knowledge about Baidu Advertising and have only heard about how it is the basis for us to create an account, edit our contents and select our keywords. Indeed, there is a lot more to it apart from the basis. Even if we have done all our hard works and preparations perfectly, it is still very easy for us to have  some misconceptions, which may eventually lead us to the wrong direction and gain little result from our hard work. Today we will share few common mistakes people make when using Baidu Advertising to help all of you to avoid these misconceptions!


  The More Keywords we use the Better it is

  Many people think that the more keywords we use the better it will be. In fact , this is not the case.Using Baidu Advertising is the same as conducting other business activities, that means we must also follow the 80/20 rule. In other words, we should spend 80% of our expenditure on 20% of the keywords as normally 20 % of what we do represents 80 % of a particular activity’s outcome. Therefore, we must select 20 % of our keywords carefully and spend 80 % of our expenditure on them wisely. So , how do we select 20% of our keywords wisely to ensure its effectiveness. There are generally three methods,the first one is that we can use Baidu’s Keyword tool to expand synonyms and build our keyword list further base on that. The second one is  we can explore related searches in Baidu search results. We can also use our account’s back end search reports to help us develop our keyword list. These methods can help us to better understand and satisfy our customer demand .



The result will be outstanding as long as the keywords are well placed

  We spend our valuable budget to display search ads in order to get accurateandhigh-quality traffic. However, does the level of traffic means consultations and profitability automatically? Of course not! Whether at home or abroad, the entire promotion process requires the cooperation of multiple departments to succeed. For example, our account operator ’s ability to manage and optimize our account, our technical staff’s ability to maintain our website and the attitudes of our customer service staff are all contributing factors to the overall success of our marketing campaign Therefore, it is vital for us to pay attention to other factors such as the maintenance of our website and our customer service satisfaction before considering adjusting our price.


  There’s no need to use our valuable resources to advertise  on the mobile version of the app, as it tends to attract little result

  Maybe it is okay for us to think that mobile online platforms are not important three or four years ago. However, it is very unwise for us to ignore what our portable devices are capable of today. A large number of people tend to use their mobile rather than their computer to search for goods and services when they want to make purchases online. Therefore, we can say that we must understand the characteristics of the mobile version of the platform to catch the potential  business opportunities. The mobile version of a platform is usually different to the PC version. We must adapt our promotion ideas to the mobile version of the website. The configuration of our advertising space may change if we use different devices with different screen sizes, which may then change how our ads are displayed. Therefore, if we don’t set it up properly,it may end up wasting our advertising expenditure and lead us into the illusion that advertising on mobile platforms are useless.



 Ignoring the moves of our counterparts

  You may be wondering what should we focus on when we are monitoring the behaviours of our counterparts. In fact, the way they place their keywords, their creative ideas, website contents and product prices are all worth-knowing. We can use them as a point of reference to see what products are popular on the market and to extract useful information to improve our marketing campaign from their experience. It should be noted that doesn’t mean directly copying our counterparts’ idea and website designs. Although this method is the easiest. The result may not be as good as our own innovative developments and products.

I hope all of you can avoid these misconceptions and optimize our accounts based on the actual performance.


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