The Truth on the Real time Visitor Report on Baidu Advertising

The Truth on the Real time Visitor Report on Baidu Advertising

In the process of using Baidu Advertising, have you ever felt confused and asked yourself questions like how can I make sure people who‘ve seen my ads actually click on them and why even though they have actually clicked on them but only a few are willing to submit their inquires. Are there vicious clicks from my competitors? Therefore, we are going to share the Real-time visitor report on Baidu Analytics with you.

After illustrating Baidu tracking code to our website, we will be able to see the records of the last 5000 visitors. It provides us with useful information such as their trace, the latest searched keywords, location and the time they spent on our website.  It helps us to understand our visitors’ real time behavior so that we can optimize our website according to the visitors’ demographic.

1 Real-time Keyword Exclusion

When we are conducting our competitor analysis, we normally rely on our searched keyword reports for the exclusion of inefficient keywords. However, this standard method often causes delays. In comparison, the Real-time visitor report is a lot more convenient and efficient as we will be able to monitor the traffic minute by minute. By overseeing the degree of keyword matching and excluding useless keywords, it helps us to avoid wasting our valuable resources and data.

2 Web Page Analysis

Apart from accelerating the keyword exclusion process, it can also help us to conduct comprehensive analysis. For example, there is a plus sign in front of every data record,  if we click on it we will be able to see our visitors’ URL pathway and answer a series of questions such as how did our visitors get to our website in the first place and what pages have they visited? How long they have spent on these pages?   

We’ll also be able to analyze and improve the attractiveness and the conversion rate of our web pages by overseeing our visitors’ pathway carefully. For example, if our visitor got to our website via keyword searching and have merely explored little after they got here , we may consider the page as not attractive enough and we may analyze the attractiveness of our website according to our visitors’ searched keyword to further optimize our website contents.

3 Banning Vicious Clicks

We will also be able to see the actions of a particular user by clicking on the plus sign in front of the data tab. If the website is clicked and visited multiple times by the same visitor with the same IP address but did not lead to anything meaningful on the same day, we may want to consider it as what our competitors have done viciously on purpose in order to lower our efficiency. When facing these situations, we have the option to ban these strange IP addresses and choose not to display our ads to them in the future to avoid wasting our valuable expenditure.

Let’s learn how to ban the vicious clicks

We can ban a particular IP address in either the “Access Detail” tab or the “IP Detail” tab. We can also ban particular visitors from accessing our website by selecting the visitor we want to ban in “Visitor’s Detail” or the “IP Detail” tab.  Then, a subsequent verification code will be generated to ban their visits.

Is the Real-time visitor report on Baidu advertising powerful?! Why don’t you start trying today! 


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