Nine Things You Should Never Do in WeChat Account

Nine Things You Should Never Do in WeChat Account

On WeChat Official Account, there are 3.5 million monthly active accounts and 797 million monthly active users . Because of its irreplaceable influence, more and more companies start to promote their brands in the WeChat Official Account. Sometimes, accounts are warned or blocked very sudden, do you want to know the reason about that? This is mainly because we violated the system. How can we avoid those issues? Today, we will discuss what you should never do in WeChat Official Account.

Ⅰ.Selling Counterfeit and Substandard Products

Many companies sell products on Official Account. Attention: Don’t sell counterfeit and substandard products such as fake medicine! It is illegal to do that. If you do that, your account will be punished or even be blocked.

Ⅱ.Misleading Information

For getting more followers, some companies will tempt users, which will cause many problems. So what is the misleading information?

1. Misleading Users to Share and Follow

After posting the video on Official Account, users must share the video and follow the account to finish watching. Or if users want to know the test result posted on the Official Account, users have to follow another Account. Posting tests and results separately belongs to misleading users to share and follow.

2.Forcing Users to Share and Follow

Users are forced to share and follow with words such as“someone kind-hearted share it”. Or users will get a red packet and a chance to draw a lottery after sharing. Those will cause impact on the account. If your improper behavior is found by the system or your account is reported, your account will face the risk of being blocked.

3. Snatching Red Packet Together

Another one is when users clicked the link, they will see a snatching red packet page and get more than ten yuan. Because users are allowed to withdraw after getting one hundred yuan, the link needs to be shared to ask friends for help and get more money. Users have to share links on Moments or to Chat, which belongs to misleading users. If it is found, the account will be blocked and followers will be removed.

Ⅲ Collecting Likes

Today, many users collect likes to get prize. Following accounts, sharing articles and collecting likes can bring a large number of followers in a short period. Once that is found, your followers will be removed. If that is found in the first time, the account will be blocked for seven days. For the second, third and fourth time, the account will be blocked for 15 days, 30 days and permanently respectively. If some sensitive words such as collecting likes in the article, then the article cannot be saved or shared. So, it is not a good way to get followers.

Ⅳ.Misleading Links

If you want users to see the content which breaks the rules, it’s better not to post. When the misleading link to the other website is found by the system, the account will be penalized. For the first time, the punishment is blocking the account for thirty days, intercepting the misleading link, removing increased followers by misleading and closing advertising function named Liuliangzhu(translated as traffic master literally ). Liuliangzhu is a function that you can receive payments every month from the ad on your post. If the misleading link is found again, the punishment is blocking the account permanently.

Ⅴ.Fraudulent Messages

For making users be active, some companies announce that they are going to have some activities, but those activities will never happen. This will cause the account be blocked. Those companies may accept liability for those fraudulent activities. Fraudulent messages include the messages from fake customer service, prizes for users that have never been sent and so on. For fraud, the punishment is that the account will be blocked or even be punished by law. All in all, do not post fraudulent messages.

Ⅵ.Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement

Some accounts want to make up something popular, they will copy some popular articles without the author’s permission on other accounts or platforms and copy those to their accounts. It belongs to copyright infringement. If that is found in the first time, the post will be deleted and the account will be warned. For the second, third and fourth time, the account will be blocked for 7 days, 14 days and 30 days respectively. For the fifth time, the account will be blocked permanently and the original protection will be canceled. We suggest that you can learn from popular articles instead of plagiarism.

Ⅶ.Pyramid Schemes

Sometimes we may notice some ads or posts such as teaching you how to earn money step by step, how to make a lot of money in a short period and so on. Those posts mean recruiting new contributors. Dowline recruits new members, which also belongs to pyramid schemes. If you post such articles, your account will be canceled or even break the law.

Ⅷ.Pulp Articles

Some accounts got more followers or gained profits with pulp articles. While the platform is against those articles and titles and encourages those positive articles. When the system find pulp articles for the first time, the account will be blocked for seven days. For the second, third and fourth time, the account will be blocked for 15, 30 days and permanently respectively.


The platform strikes a blow against some kind of rumors. First one is about people’s well-being. It is mainly about something about health care, something about cancer drug and so on. Another one is about politics. This refers to national policies. If you share those kinds of posts freely, your account will be blocked.

Tips for WeChat censorship:

1. Wechat Security group send suspicious links to censoring group. Links in WeChat Moments are censored by people.

2 . If reports from other users are proved, the account will be blocked.


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