Douyin: Three Tips for Expanding your Fan base

Douyin: Three Tips for Expanding your Fan base

Douyin has more than 500 million monthly users in 2019. With more than 250 million active users daily, it is becoming a leader in today’s short video market. According to the latest data, Douyin users tend to have both incredible strong purchasing power as well as conversion rate. Many enterprises have started using Douyin as a channel of advertising. Although the platform is one with a large audience, which means there is full of opportunities, the biggest challenge facing by many enterprises is that they often struggle to expand their fan base. Therefore, we are here to share three exclusive tricks with you and help you build your fan base further. 



Gaining Recommendation from the Platform




In fact, we all know that most enterprises establish and use their Douyin channel as a tool of promotion for their products and services. However, we will only get to expand our fan base and the attention we deserve if the platform recommends our videos to the greater audience.



Generally speaking, we must stick to several important recommendation features on Douyin if we want to boost the number of audience and attract more attention.





Original or Secondary Creation


By default, Douyin encourages original or secondary creation.

Generally speaking, once we uploaded our videos onto Douyin, they will automatically enter Douyin’ s pool of intelligent recommendation and the system will then use its back end data to analyze and judge whether or not our videos are new (original or secondary creation) to the platform. The system will assign new videos intelligently according to their classifications and contents, only new videos are recommended to the greater audience, which means contents that are copied from somewhere else will not be recommended to our Douyin users.

If our videos are ones with a high volume of likes, comments and reposts, Douyin will then automatically activate its recommendation mechanism and recommend our videos further to the greater audience. Let’s take a video named the “ skills that we acquired after we learned to fix cars” for example, we published this video at 12:30 pm and it noticeably gained twelve thousand views, 100 comments and reposts an hour after its publishing. The video has attracted more than eighteen thousand views and 500 reposting by the end of the night.





Choosing the golden timing


You may think that having 250 million active users daily is striking enough. In fact, the number of new videos uploaded everyday is more striking. Therefore, if we want to attract more attention and making sure that the greater audience can actually see our videos, we better choose the right timing. 12 pm to 2pm and 9 pm to 11 pm are indeed considered as the golden timing to upload our contents if we want to expand our fan base as these time periods are most likely to drive the highest traffic.



Utilizing Douyin’s internal platform to attract a wider audience



Apart from understanding Douyin’s general mechanisms, we should also use its internal platform to expand our fan base.





Use our contact list as a tool to increase our channel awareness


First of all, we should allow Douyin to access our contact list when we first register our account and become friends with people we know in real life on Douyin.Once we become friends with our acquaintances, they will be able to watch and comment on our uploaded videos and sequentially recommend our videos to their friends. It is in fact a wonderful opportunity for enterprises that just created their channels to expand their fan base.

Our “Yujia Le” account is a vivid example of such method, we invited our staff and people who worked in the same industry from our contact list to watch, comment on and share our videos.





Comment on Douyin Music Platform


Douyin actually offered a space for open communication and discussion by designing the “most searched videos”chart. The function is more or less like a close- knit friend circle, which allows like-minded users from different parts of the world to gather around and communicate seamlessly with each other and becoming each other’s fan eventually.

To enter the “most searched” page we need to click on the “search” icon located on the top right corner of the app’s home page. Once we enter the page, we’ll see a list of top searches. For instance, we will be able to see a list of popular tones if we click on the “Dou Tin Yingyue” Chart and of course we can then start commenting on these videos

If you are desperate to expand your fan base, there are some easy tricks that you should learn when you comment on a video.

1) Replying to top comments and participating in discussions

Generally speaking, headlines and heated events are what we pay attention to on a daily basis. There’s no exception to our Douyin users. If our goal is to better promote our channel and attract a wider audience, we can choose videos that have gone viral and start replying to their top10 comments. As a matter of fact, it may make us more visible to the mainstream audience as people tend to gather around these discussions

2) @ our account name in our comment

Since our top priority is to promote our own channel, the most straight forward method is to @ our own account whenever we are commenting on other videos. Let’s take our “ Siluzan” account for example, we can definitely @(mention) our account name in our comment whenever we comment on other videos. Therefore, other users will probably click on our name and check out our contents if our comment is interesting and informative enough.

3)Participating in controversial discussions

There are usually some controversial and interesting comments below each popular short- videos and these comments are exactly what our users are interested in. Therefore we should also start commenting and participating in such discussions as a way of interaction and telling the community what we really think on the matter to attract likeminded users to become our fans.





Promoting your personal account


Of course, another method is for content creators to include a line such as “Please subscribe to my personal account for more interesting contents“at the end of a video. However, this method is only suitable for content creators and platforms with a relatively stable fan base. We sincerely think it is the best for our newbies to stick to the last two methods that we just mentioned



Expanding our fan base by connecting to third party platforms



In the era of advanced digital new media, establishing a channel is not enough for our enterprises, if we are serious about promoting our goods and services. We must learn to expand our fan base by connecting to third party apps


Apps like Wechat, Weibo, QQ and Jinri Toutiao tend to be most popular to Chinese consumers nowdays. Let’s take a look at how we should use these platforms as a tool to bring traffic to our Douyin channel.






Use “Weibo” effectively to boost our traffic


Weibo is an open platform with more than 500 million active users in 2019. It is China’s largest and most influential social media. Therefore , it is extremely important for us to use Weibo as a tool if we want to expand the fan base of our Douyin channel. The most common method is to post in Weibo’s super topics

We can enter Weibo’s home page, then click on the “Super Topic” icon to enter a“super topic community” , we can then join a preferred community by selecting the topic that we found interesting. For example, we can choose “food”from the left hand side of the manual for our “Chef automobile repair” account since its main focus is on western diet. Once we subscribe to the community we will be able to publish our Douyin videos for people from the same community. People from the same community will also be able to follow our Douyin account if they are interested in our contents.





Use WeChat & QQ Groups effectively to expand our fan base


Making mutual friends is also critical when you want to gain more fans. Since this method is beneficial for both parties, this method is excellent for our newbies who are new to the platform.We could join groups on Wechat and QQ for more discussion surrounding Douyin. However, it is better to have an accurate marketing position when we choose to join a group. For example, if we are operating the “ Yujia Le” tourism account,it is best for us to choose to join the groups from the same industry. 





Use Jinri Toutiao as a tool to expand our fan base


There’s aJinri Toutiaocolumn on Douyin. Therefore, promoting on Jinri Toutiao is another wonderful option if we want to expand our fan base. First of all, we will need to connect Douyin with Jinri Toutiao. We can click on the “more” icon on the top right corner of Douyin’s home page, then select “Setting” and lastly select “ third party connection” option from the “safe and security” window. People can start following our Douyin account on Jinri Toutiao once we connected and sync both accounts.

Have you aced all the things that we mentioned? These are just some exclusive tips for you to expand your fan base on Douyi!


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